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there is no such thing as a relationship that is always going to stay perfect. even the best couple is going to get a shaky time with each other. the problem with a relationship sometimes is when things is not working out too well. the two people forget how to love with each other again. bouncing back and getting much better with each problem is not something that people do all of the time. sometimes stress and problems can get the best of a guy and he might just slowly fade the passion that he has in the past for his lady. it is something that happens when time pass in marriage. time can make a man forget how to love his girl properly. but it does not have to stay that way all of the time. even if a lady has been very disappointed for a very long time due to the lack of interest that a guy has for her. there is always a way to be happy and live a better life. fighting for a London escort is something that I did not do. it was only good at the beginning but when time pass on my relationship with her. it just begun to get worst in worst. there was no fight in me that made her pleased. no woman is happy with a guy who even forgets how to love her properly. being too distracted by other things is what made it impossible for a London escort from to love me the way she wanted. there are many ways to be unhappy with how I was handling her. it felt like there was no other way for me to love. but it was only am excuse because a London escort deserves a much better love than ever before. it was a bad thing to always made her feel unhappy. it is a sad moment to go through life without her. there were so many things that did not really made sense. but I feel very happy with a London escort and just want her to be around more and more. the best way to be happy is to try to focus on her the way that it was in the past. it is not a great thing to forget to love her. it just caused a London a lot of pain. seeing her go through a lot in her life is something that I don’t really want her to go through. the best thing that can come out of a relationship is to be better with her and find a way out of a depressing life. it is a situation where I am very happy to be with. there is still time to get back with a London escort and even though she might not see it yet. but our relationship might turn out to be better than it was before. because the thought of losing her is not really something that would be pleasant in my mind.

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