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My Husband Expected Me To Do Everything

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Like so many other girls at London escorts, I was on the lookout for a man to get married to and start a new life. Working for cheap escorts in London is great, but it is not one of those things you can imagine yourself doing all of your life. Eventually, I decided that I had enough of working the night shift and I left. I found myself a job and within a short period of time, I had met a handsome man called Richard.

I never told him I used to work for a London escorts. Most girls who leave London escorts try to reinvent themselves and I guess I did the same. When I met Richard, I was working in a nail bar in London. He probably wondered how I had managed to afford to buy my own flat in London, but I told him that I had come into some money. Fortunately for me, he did not seem to suspect anything. Before I knew it, we were engaged to be married and we tied the knot a couple of months later.

Everything was going great at first. I was not any longer in touch with any of my former friends at London escorts, but that did not seem to matter. I felt that I had finally left London escorts behind me and moved on. But, I did carry on working for the nail bar in Greenwich and I rented out my flat. When I worked for London escorts, I had become very independent and I did not want to give that up.

Richard was great in bed, but there were some things that he was less good at. Even though I had a full-time job, he never helped me around the house. I had met plenty of men when I worked for London escorts who expected their wives to do it all. It used to annoy me when they told me how they treated their wives. Now, finding myself in the same situation, I became more than annoyed about my situation. I was working twice as hard now as I had been when I was single and still with London escorts.

It started to really annoy me, and when I met up with a couple of my former London escorts colleagues, I quickly realised that my life was not so great after all. That evening I went home and spoke to Richard about our home life, and he was a bit taken back. He was of the generation that believed it was the task of the woman to do everything in the home. Even though we had a chat, things did not get any better. It was not long before I decided that I had enough and left him. Will I get married again? Will i be with another man again? i’m not sure Maybe, but it will have to be to a man who is happy to share everything with me and that includes the housewife.

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