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Why Love Island couples are likely to have sex on telly

LOVE Island star come into the show and say they aren’t going to have sex. Here’s why many couples break this promise.

Britain’s top sexual fantasy revealed – and it’s a spanking one

AN EYE-OPENING survey lifted the lid on Britain’s sexual preferences. Apparently, this is the most popular sexual fantasy in the UK.

Sexpert reveals way men can last eight times longer during sex

IS PREMATURE ejaculation getting you down? Thankfully, sexpert Nadia Bokody has revealed a way men can delay orgasm and last longer during sex.

Smoking pot before sex can make your orgasms even more intense

COULD cannabis make your sex life even better? Apparently, smoking weed before getting jiggy could give you stronger and more frequent orgasms.

Couples love the Mermaid sex position – it helps to hit her G-spot

DETERMINED to make your love life more exciting? The Mermaid sex position can increase her chances of reaching orgasm by stimulating the G-spot.

Mum reveals she bonks her husband EVERY day in kinky diary about their sex life

A WOMAN penned candid diary entries about her sex life. The mum-of-two said she bonks her partner every day – even if she isn’t in the mood.

Top sex fantasy revealed as shower romps with threesomes close second

BRITS have revealed their sex fantasies with romping in the shower in the top spot.

Instagram challenge encourages people to masturbate EVERYDAY in May

TO CELEBRATE Masturbation month in May, an Instagram account is encouraging people to self-pleasure.

Sex while pregnant: Is it safe to have sex at all times during a pregnancy?

HAVING sex during pregnancy is normal, but many peoples wonder if it is safe.

Man’s sex life ‘boosted’ by snorting pee every day: ‘You feel like Superman’

A YOGA master claims snorting his own pee has made him better in bed.