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Man’s sex life ‘boosted’ by snorting pee every day: ‘You feel like Superman’

A YOGA master claims snorting his own pee has made him better in bed.

Winter is coming! Game of Thrones sex position sends couples into a frenzy

GAME of Thrones sex positions are a hit with kinky couples. Here’s how to pull off the racy Iron Throne move in the bedroom.

I will always be grateful for the love that London escort give to me

    I didn’t expect that I and London escort would be this close together. London escort and I just click so much in all things. London escort gives me reason to see how beautiful the world is. She is just an amazing person for me. London escort gives so much joy to my life. […]

What Brits are most likely to lie about during sex – it’ll surprise you

MANY couples find it difficult to discuss their sexual preferences. A recent survey revealed the topics men and women are most likely to lie about.

This anticipation building trick will TRANSFORM your sex life

A SEX therapist shared her top tips for building anticipation in the bedroom. Apparently, will help couples to spice up their love lives.

Today, together with West London Escorts, we will talk about the relationship between the sexes

To be even more precise – on the topic “Do the girls like man with muscles” After reading, each of the guys will know what kind of man’s body do young ladies like, and from what parts and muscle groups girls enjoy the most. Most of the visitors to the gym, will give one of […]

Women reveal five things they HATE to experience during sex

EVER wondered what turns women off in the bedroom? A Daily Star Online poll shed light on men’s irritating habits during sex.

The top two sex LIES told by men and women revealed in new survey

THERE’S some serious fibbing going on between the sheets it seems.

Women who commit this sexual sin are more likely to cheat

ARE you worried your wife or girlfriend is cheating? Apparently, women who do this during sex are more likely to stray.

Britain’s top sexual fantasy revealed – it’ll surprise you

EVERYONE’S sexual preferences are different – but apparently, more than half of Brits are aroused by this kinky fantasy. So does it turn you on?